Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Christian Saechao and i’ve been a barista for a few years now. When I first started working with coffee I really didn’t know anything about it. After being surrounded by it everyday it’s one of the most fun and exciting things to work with. The smell of coffee brewing to the infinite amount of possibilities that can be in your cup of coffee are all things I love about it.

Why Am I doing this

Making drinks and informing people about coffee is one of the most satisfying parts about working as a barista. After someone asks a question about “what a drink is” or “how is that made.” That’s followed up with a smile and something along the lines of, “I was always too scared/embarrassed to ask” after they hear the answer. I feel like there’s a snobby, uppity association that coffee has, when there shouldn’t be. These types of conversations about coffee are what led me to making this site. To share what I know about it, because coffee should be for everyone.

content and overall goal

All the content on this site is written and edited by me. I do try to get the items mentioned on the blog to have actual experience with them, but sometimes that is not always achievable. So sometimes I do rely on a considerable amount of online reviews and feedback to give you the best information in one place.