Baratza Preciso vs Virtuoso Matchup: Which Is the better grinder?

So you’re here considering which Baratza grinder is better, the Preciso or Virtuoso. In this quick guide, I have researched for you the similarities and the differences, so that you don’t have to. 

If you want the quick answer: the Preciso is better for espresso and the Virtuoso is better if you just want a general grinder. 

Let’s get into comparing the Baratza Preciso and Virtuoso.  

Shared Features: Baratza Preciso & Virtuoso 

In this matchup of the Baratza Preciso vs Virtuoso we’re going to start with the similarities of the two since there are more of them than differences. I’ll also talk a little bit about some of the features that both of them have as well. 

Hopper Size8 ounces of coffee beans
Burr TypeStainless steel conical burrs
Weight8 Pounds
Pulse GrinderBoth have a pulse button on the front you can use to grind your coffee
Grounds BinHolds up to 5 ounces of coffee grounds

For the most part the build for the Preciso and Virtuoso are pretty much the same. They have the same burr set, 40mm stainless steel conical burrs and have the same motor. That means they’ll both produce the same grind on the macro level. I’ll explain what macro level means in The Main Difference section down below. 

The catch bin is made of inherently dissipated property plastic, to prevent your beans from clinging to the sides of the bin. With the Preciso you’ll also get a portafilter holder, so you grind directly into your portafilter.

On the side of both the grinders, you’ll have a dial that controls how long you’ll grind for. The dial goes from 8 seconds to a maximum of 60 seconds. If you continually grind the burr set will eventually start to warm up. The heat from the burr set can negatively impact your coffees flavor. They only heat up noticeably if you continually grind past the 60 second grind timer.

Baratza Preciso vs Virtuoso: The Main Difference 

This is what you probably came here for. Is there a difference between the two, does this difference make one better than the other? 

The main difference that does actually make one better than the other in certain situations, is the number of grind settings the Preciso has over the Virtuoso

Both of these grinders have the same macro settings for grinding. The macro settings are 40 settings that range from fine to coarse

With the Preciso you’re going to get a micro adjuster. This micro adjuster gives 11 more adjustments for each of the 40 macro settings. This gives you a total of 440 grind settings with the Baratza Preciso grinder. 

This was the only difference that stood out between the two for me. 

So, Should You Get The Baratza Preciso or Virtuoso?

As mentioned above, the Preciso is better in certain situations. The Preciso is better for those of you who like to experiment and dial in your espresso. Having extra micro grind settings are really important to get closer to a perfect grind size for extracting a great tasting shot of espresso or any other sized grind as well. 

The Baratza Preciso is also better for those of you who have a non-pressurized basket for espresso. The extra settings the Preciso have can get you a fine enough grind to create enough pressure for espresso extraction. 

This is where paying the extra for the Preciso pays off. 

You should get the Virtuoso if you’re using a pressurized basket or you’re not too concerned right now about dialing in on your coffee grind size. This is a pretty good general coffee grinder that can do all grind sizes. 

To summarize, if you just want something to grind coffee for a variety of sizes choose the Virtuoso. But if you want something that can grind for a variety of sizes and give you the option of dialing in on a grind size, choose the Preciso. 

If you want to see a visual comparison of how they grind, you can check out Seattle Coffee Gears Video down below

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