5 of the best automatic pour over coffee makers [2021]

What’s the best thing about an automatic pour over coffee maker? When you find a good one, it will do all the work for you. Not only will it heat the water to just the right brewing temperature, but it also soaks the coffee rounds inside allowing them to absorb the water, which enhances the coffee’s flavor and taste.

While a manual machine won’t always provide consistent results, an automatic pour-over coffee maker will. So, it’s pretty much impossible to make a bad tasting cup of coffee using it. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best automatic pour-over coffee maker for your home.

Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Features to Look for in an Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Programmable Settings

A great feature in a coffee maker is the ability to have the machine brew coffee at a certain time. It’s awesome to wake up to a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee right away in the morning. Other programmable settings to look for include sound notifications and an automatic shut-off.

More expensive models can include a ton of features and LED displays. It all depends on what features you are looking for and are important to you.

Brewing Time

Brewing speed is always important. Typically, a pour-over coffee maker should take less than five minutes to brew and another five minutes to prepare your coffee. Overall, it should only take 10 minutes to make a cup of coffee.


No one likes to clean out their coffee maker, so it’s helpful to look for one with dishwasher-safe parts. That includes a shower head, carafe lid, and filter basket. Parts that are easy to clean are the next best thing.

One of the areas that are the hardest to clean out on an automatic pour-over coffee maker is the coffee grounds that just get everywhere.

Single use filters can also cause a lot of cleanup issues, but a reusable coffee filter can allow you to easily empty it and replace it in just a few seconds. A reusable filter is not only eco-friendly, but it also saves you money.


How much space you have on your kitchen counter often dictates how large a coffee maker you can have. For those with limited space, look for compact units that have a small footprint.

Glass or Thermal Carafe

Of the two, a traditional option is a glass carafe, which has existed since the electric drip coffee machine was first created in the 70’s and is a common site in both offices and homes. Since glass carafes are inexpensive and easy to clean, they are also pretty popular. In comparison, thermal carafes are better at maintaining the temperature of the coffee. Stronger than a glass carafe, thermal carafes can withstand being dropped and a glass carafe cannot.


Equipped with a glass or thermal carafe, the coffee maker’s capacity can make a big difference. Typically, machines will come in a 6, 8, 9, 10, or 12 cup capacity and which is best is completely determined by how much coffee you drink in your home.

Even if you are the only one in your home, you may not want to go for the smaller coffee maker option. You may want to consider if you have guests over to your home a lot or if you want to get a larger capacity model that will allow you to drink coffee all day. Also consider how large a cup of coffee you drink at one time since coffee cups sizes can vary greatly.

Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision Brewer

Delivering coffee-bar quality coffee, the Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision Brewer can brew up to eight pour-over cups of coffee at once. Offering great flavor, this premium coffee maker uses a precise brewing technique that gives you great flavor extraction. This is a fully electric coffee brewer that pre-wets the ground before it brews to improve the flavor.

Enjoy incredible coffee taste typically made by manual brewers without all the work. The Cuisinart lets you adjust the strength and temperature of your coffee to customize every cup. It also comes with a unique stainless-steel filter with a laser etching that maximizes your coffee experience.

This is a 24-hour programmable coffee pot that also comes with a self-clean feature. The Cuisinart CPO-800P1 also allows you to pour one drip-free cup before the brewing cycle is finished. The eight-cup carafe is made of glass and has a thermal design. This is an SCAA certified coffee maker that allows you to change the strength of the flavor from bold, to medium and mild.

It brews incredible coffee once you find the right grind The carafe sometimes leaks from the seal
You can adjust the strength and temperature of your coffee Customer service isn’t as helpful as it could be when dealing with issues

Pour-Over Coffee Brewer by Motif Elements

Using a thoughtful design, the Pour-Over Coffee Brewer by Motif Elements elevates your home coffee experience. By allowing you to personalize your cup of coffee, this machine allows you to match your coffee with your preferences and lifestyle. The coffee brewer can heat water up to the perfect brewing temperature in just 60 seconds, plus maintain the temperature through the brewing cycle.

To ensure you get optimal flavor extraction, the Pour-Over Coffee Brewer by Motif Elements sustains coffee and water contact up to eight minutes. Capable of making up to eight cups, this coffee brewer features a carafe made of stainless steel that has an efficient double walled, thermal design. Featuring an excellent water heater, this unit ensures that your coffee will reach the best brewing temperature.

The Pour-Over Coffee Brewer by Motif Elements also features a decalcification sensor that lets you know when decalcification is required. The programmable feature lets you wake up to a hot pot of freshly brewed coffee while the warming plate stays on for up to 1 ½ hours before it shuts off automatically. This is an easy to clean and maintain coffee filter thanks to the dishwasher safe carafe and lid.

Thanks to their precise internal design, the Pour-Over Coffee Brewer by Motif Elements prevents your coffee from overheating. After brewing is finished, the stainless-steel carafe will maintain the temperature of the coffee without requiring reheating. With its elbow-shaped design, this coffee brewer easily fits onto any kitchen counter.

Other features of the Pour-Over Coffee Brewer by Motif Elements includes audible tones to tell you when the brewing process starts and ends as well as a brew through filter basket and lid that is designed to let you remove the carafe in the middle of the brewing cycle. And the separate warming plate heater is designed to prevent overheating.

The design of the machine gives you the perfect temperature and won’t overheat your coffee The buttons feel cheaply made
It’ll tell you when you need to decalcify your machine to keep it at peak performance The carafe could have been constructed thicker
This’ll brew you coffee quickly and with precision

OXO BREW Coffee Maker

This nine-cup coffee maker allows you to adjust the volume, brewing time, and water temperature to create flavorful and rich coffee. The OXO Brew Coffee Maker will optimize the brewing time automatically while keeping the temperature between 197 and 204 degrees, which is the perfect temperature range for a great tasting coffee. The thermal carafe is made of stainless steel and has a double wall design to keep your coffee hot.

The OXO Brew Coffee Maker comes with a pause and pour function as well as a freshness indicator and automatic wake-up timer. The internal mixing tube helps to ensure that each sip is as good as the first one. And the rainmaker shower head disperse water evenly over the coffee grounds to offer full flavor extraction and uniform saturation.

Featuring an intuitive LED interface, the OXO Brew Coffee Maker includes a backlit screen that displays the freshness indicator and the coffee maker’s status. And, with just a single dial, you can program how many cups you want to brew and set the 24 hour start timer.

A very elegant machine that’ll look great on any counterYou have to handle the filter with care when you empty it
The thermal pot will keep your coffee really hot The clock will reset if you unplug the machine
The timer and clock are very easy to use

Brim Pour Over Coffee Maker

Easily make full-bodied and rich coffee every time you use the Brim Pour Over Coffee Maker. This set includes a reusable, healthy-eco filter, a silicone sleeve, a measuring scoop, and a glass carafe. It features a shower head design that provides even coffee ground bed turbulence and saturation, which produces a delicious and smooth flavor.

The Brim Pour Over Coffee Maker doesn’t use a paper filter and uses pulse brewing to reach full blooming. It comes with a permanent filter made of fine mesh that has laser etching and a 66 gram capacity design to give you the best coffee to water ratio.

Providing a consistent temperature, this coffee maker is kept at the ideal brew temperature to maximize extraction. Equipped with a 30-minute automatic shut off, the Brim Pour Over Coffee Maker allows you to master the brewing process with precision measuring and perfect grinding. Easily brew like an artisan with this simple and reinvented design.

It has an eco-friendly filter The water tank fogs up for a long time, but leaving it opened just a crack is an easy fix
The machine will automatically shutoff, so you don’t have to worry about if it was turned off or not The warming plate has a “smell” when it’s hot or warm
It’ll make you tasty and smooth tasting pour-over coffee

Gevi One-Touch Pour Over Drip Coffee Brewer

Equipped with an automatic shut off feature and a warming plate, the Gevi One-Touch Pour Over Coffee Brewer makes coffee at the optimum brewing temperature. Make 10-cups of perfect coffee thanks to the 40-ounce clear water reservoir. Quickly reaching the best brewing temperature, this coffee maker also keeps brewed coffee at a consistent temperature on the heating plate once the brewing process is done.

Using one-touch brewing, this is an easy to use machine that features an LED on and off light. The Gevi Coffee Brewer can brew coffee in just six minutes. Easily adjust the coffee concentration using the Strength Control Valve while the Dry-Boiling protection feature helps to ensure your safety.

Featuring a Steam Spray Design, the Gevi Coffee Brewer uses eight outlet holes to distribute water evenly over the coffee grounds to ensure that you have uniform flavor extraction and that the coffee aroma is released. This easy to use coffee brewer has a one-touch design for easy control while the automatic shut off after two hours offering an added safety feature.

This machine has a lot of power to ensure quick boiling while the non-stick warming plate maintains the coffee at the ideal serving temperature. The Gevi Coffee Brewer also comes with a manual flow control so you can adjust the water’s flow depending on the strength of the coffee.

This machine heats up very quickly Sometimes it brews too quickly, leaving you with under-extracted coffee
You can adjust the strength of the coffee very easily The plastic lid on the pot has an unpleasant smell
It can brew up to 10-cups at once

Extra Tips & Considerations 

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker versus Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

There are two big differences between the two: the way water is dispensed and how the temperature is controlled.

With an automatic pour-over coffee maker, hot water is dispensed over fine grounds. As water is traveling through the coffee grounds, the natural oils are released creating a delicious smell and taste before the freshly brewed coffee can enter the carafe. Temperature control in this model features a rain-patterned/shower-style head that provides a pulsating flow of hot water that controls the whole extraction process.

In comparison, a drip coffee maker dispenses water in the brew basket where the coffee grounds are held. Water ends up flowing more quickly through this method, extracting less than a pour-over style coffee maker. 

So, when you compare the two types of coffee makers, an automatic pour-over coffee maker can create more flavor from the coffee grounds.

Manual Pour-Over Coffee Brewer versus Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

Manual brewing is associated with the term pour-over. After heating the water, you would manually pour the water over coffee grounds. With an automatic pour-over coffee maker, it’s the same process, just fully automated. All that you need to do is press a button to get delicious pour-over coffee. 

The difference between the two is how the brewing process is controlled. An automatic pour-over brewer will not need monitoring of the flow rate or water temperature while a manual machine will. You also will not need to conduct a correct bloom and extract the coffee correctly. All you have to do is enjoy your coffee!

Advantages of An Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

  • An automatic pour-over coffee maker will eliminate that unpleasant and bitter tastes coffee can start to get.
  • The cycle of the automatic pour-over coffee maker never ends and is passing water continuously through coffee grounds.
  • All you must do next is add the coffee, fill the reservoir with water, and then push a button. The machine will do everything automatically.


The temperature your coffee maker should brew water at should between 195- and 205-degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is higher than 205 degrees, you can end up burning the coffee while anything under 195 will lead to under-extraction.

The other incredible feature of an automatic pour-over coffee maker is that it can keep the coffee warm for hours after the brewing process is finished. This allows you to brew a pot of coffee when you wake up and then drink it all day long without needing to make another pot. For anyone that enjoys this feature, you may also want to consider how the machine keeps the coffee warm.

Some machines include a hot plate that will keep the coffee pot warm while others use a thermal coffee pot that will keep your coffee warm. While a hot plate is a good way to keep your coffee at a consistent temperature until it is turned, some users are not happy with the taste of coffee that is overcooked. With a thermal pot, it will use less energy and the coffee will not overcook, but it will get colder over time.

Safety Features

When choosing a machine with a hot plate, it is important to check with the manufacturer and see if there are safety features that will stop an accident from happening. Some older models will stay on until they are manually turned off while newer models have an automatic turn off feature to prevent overheating and fire hazards.

Glass carafes can break apart and splinter if they are exposed to too much heat for a long period of time. The safer option is an automatic pour over coffee maker that will automatically turn itself off after a specific amount of time.


Typically, a coffee drinker will have a minimum of one cup of coffee each day, so your automatic pour over coffee maker should be reliable and durable enough to use every day. If the carafe is made of glass, it needs to be able to withstand a high temperature while thermal carafes need to be able to maintain a decent temperature for a good amount of time.

My Pour-Over Pick  

Out of the automatic pour over coffee makers on this list, is the Motif Elements Pour Over Coffee Brewer

This pour-over coffee maker comes with a few simple programmable features. You can set a timer for the normal brewing method or manually use the pre-infusion button to wet your grounds before brewing to release your coffees flavors. 

It has a decalcification sensor, to let you know when you should be decalcifying your machine to keep it in top shape. 

The Motif Pour Over is super easy to use and fill. The brew time is quick to make your busy mornings easier. For all those reasons it’s why I would consider it the best automatic pour over coffee maker out right now. It would be a great addition to any kitchen and makes great tasting hot coffee!

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