Helping you find the best coffee maker under 50 dollars!

If you’re looking for a quick answer, I think the Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker is the best coffee maker under 50 right now.

Finding a coffee maker under 50 dollars can be kind of hard, with so many different models on the market. I have researched through the market and have come up with what I think are 5 of the best coffee makers under 50 dollars right now. 

Here are the coffee makers we’ll be looking at:

Things To Look For 


Coffee makers are usually built with stainless steel or plastic. Both types of material are pretty strong and long-lasting, however stainless steel is generally stronger and definitely better looking.

You usually won’t find a coffee maker that is completely plastic-free. Also, make sure you look at the warranty that comes with your coffee maker. It can tell you how much confidence the manufacturer has in its quality by how long the warranty is.

Size & Capacity

For some kitchens, the size of the machine’s footprint matters a lot, since you’ll need to make sure you have enough space for it on your counter. The height is something to take into consideration as well. If you’re going to be placing your coffee maker underneath cabinets, make sure there is enough room between your counter and cabinet for your coffee maker. 

Thermal or Glass Carafe

Thermal carafes are an awesome way to keep your coffee warm. They’re designed to hold your coffee and keep it hot until you’re ready to pour a cup, without burning your coffee. Coffee makers that come with thermal carafes do cost a little more. 

Most coffee makers that come with a glass carafe also come with a hot plate. The hot plate continually heats your coffee, which usually results in burnt tasting coffee after a long time. Glass carafes do let you see how much coffee you have left and are more stylish than a thermal.



When you’re choosing your coffee maker, consider getting one with a timer. This will allow the coffee maker to prepare fresh coffee automatically at whatever time you want. By just programming the timer, you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee without having to stand and wait for it to brew in the morning.

Auto Shutoff

Auto shutoff functions are becoming pretty standard for most coffee makers. Just a small reminder, to check if a model has this feature. It is a really awesome feature to have, so you’ll never have to worry if you turned off your machine or not. 


A little feature that lets you grab a cup of coffee during a brewing process. If you’re impatient like me, this is like the best feature any coffee maker can have. 

Cleaning and Design

Not all coffee makers are designed the same. If you’re not too big on having to clean your machine often, look for one that is low maintenance. The design of a coffee maker can impact how often you’ll have to clean it as well. 

Brew Strength

Getting a coffee maker that has different brew strength options is another way you can customize your cup of coffee. They typically come in regular or bold options. The bold option will give you the choice to make the flavor of the coffee stronger. 

Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker

Pros Cons
Stylish & Attractive Design No Beep Noise When Done
Very Easy To Setup and Use Water Tank Can’t Be Removed
Carafe Doesn’t Spill

The Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker is a programmable unit that can brew up to 12 cups of coffee. It comes with my favorite feature that I think all coffee makers should come with, sneak-a-cup. This lets you get a cup of coffee before the brewing process is done. The coffee maker will also automatically shut off after 2 hours. 

This unit also comes with a couple programmable features. You can choose the strength of your coffee, between regular or bold if you prefer your coffee to taste stronger. The coffee maker has a delay brew function that lets you set a timer up to 24 hours before you want it to brew. 

One of my favorite things about this one is that it comes with a permanent removable filter. It’ll help you save money, from having to buy filters. It’s also easy to take out and clean. 

A small problem this coffee maker has, is that it slides when you push on the buttons of the coffee maker. Although, in saying that, it’s just a minor inconvenience that can be fixed by putting something underneath it to stop it. 

Mr Coffee 12-Cup Manual Maker 

Pros Cons
Carafe doesn’t spill Doesn’t have auto shutoff
Brews fast & hot coffee Loud gurgling noises

Our next item on the list is the Mr Coffee 12-Cup Manual Coffee Maker. This machine is as simple as it gets. There’s only one button on it that turns it off or on and has an indicator light on it. 

As the name implies, it makes up to 12 cups of coffee. Although, it is known not to use the last two cups of water that are in the tank, something to keep in mind. On the back of the water reservoir there are  2 air holes. If you accidentally overfill you’ll have to clean a small mess.

There’s not too much else to this coffee maker. If you’re looking for a machine that only brews pretty good coffee without anything else, then this is the one for you. Overall a very solid pick on this list, at a very affordable price. 

Black & Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Pros Cons
Easily programmableVery loud
Coffee comes out hot Carafe handle feels thin/weak
Very stylish modern design Water drips back in to reservoir after brewing

The Black & Decker is a 24 hour programmable coffee maker. With a display that’s visible at any time, you can easily set what time you want your coffee to brew. The large rubberized buttons makes this even easier. You will have to reset the time for it to brew every night if you want to wake up to fresh coffee. 

It also has a couple standard features that most programmable coffee makers have, including: sneak-a-cup and 2-hour auto shutoff. This unit has a front facing window to see how much water is in the reservoir. This model comes in both white and black. I would choose the black version of this model. It’ll make seeing the white lines on the water reservoir a lot easier when you’re filling it up. 

This unit’s price is at the lower end of all of them. That being said, it can be programmed and has some of the standard features of most coffee makers. It has a few annoyances, but is overall a very nice coffee maker for its price. 

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker 

Pros Cons
Coffee filter swings out Coffee filter hard to get back in
Quieter than most coffee makers Short power cord
2 Areas to refill water reservoir
Reminds you it needs a cleaning

My fourth product is going to be the Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker. Like most programmable coffee makers, it comes with a few standards. It has auto shut off, sneak-a-cup, regular or bold brewing options, and a timer for you to set when it brews coffee. 

What makes this one stand out to other coffee makers is that you can fill it with water from 2 different areas. The top flips open right at the front of this machine for filling. This is really nice if you want to place it underneath your cabinets. You won’t have to move the whole thing to fill it up in the back. 

The Hamilton Coffee Maker can brew between 1-4 cups or a full 12 cup pot. Very nice to have if you just want a single serving. 

There are only two issues with this coffee maker. The electrical cord is not very long, so it’ll have to be close to the outlet. The second issue is that the filter can be hard to put back in after it’s been taken out for cleaning. 

Other than those issues, it brews hot coffee in a timely fashion and is pretty easy to clean. 

KRUPS Simply Brew Compact Coffee Maker 

Pros Cons
Brews coffee quickly Carafe drips down the side
Heating plate works good Hard to fill reservoir fully, lid is at weird angle
Small and easy to clean

Next on this list is more of a personal coffee maker. The KRUPS Simply Brew only makes up to 5 cups of coffee or about 2 mediums at a cafe. It also comes with the steal-a-cup function.  

This coffee maker, like the Mr Coffee, has only the on/off button. The biggest difference is that the KRUPS comes with a permanent filter. You can use #2 paper filters if you still wanted to use disposable filters for easier cleaning. 

The carafe that comes with this unit does drip coffee down the side. If you have a heavy hand when pouring, try to pour a little slower than normal. Either than that, the KRUPS does a good job at what it’s supposed to do, make coffee and keep it hot. 


To conclude this article on best coffee makers under 50 dollars, my choice for the best coffee maker is the Mueller Ultra Coffee Maker. This coffee maker has pretty much everything that I listed when looking at a coffee maker. The product is made out of both stainless steel and plastic, which are both very durable. It’s not too large for being a programmable coffee maker. It has every feature listed: timer, auto shutoff, sneak-a-cup, and brew strength. For all those reasons, the Mueller Ultra Coffee Make is my choice from this list. 

If you didn’t want all the extra stuff that comes with the Mueller Coffee Maker, I would recommend the Mr Coffee 12-Cup Manual Coffee Maker. It does a great job at making coffee and keeping it hot. 

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