6 of the best keurig hot chocolates

Quick Answer: For those of you who want to get to the point, I chose Swiss Miss Milk Hot Chocolate as the best Keurig hot chocolate. 

Hot chocolate is a drink that brings back nostalgic memories to some of us. Those cold, starry nights when you’re out camping and enjoying a steamy cup of hot chocolate. Keurig has made it even easier to make hot chocolate by putting them into k-cups.

Just like the packet hot chocolate, there are tons of k-cup hot chocolates for you to choose from. But I’m here to help! After looking at numerous amounts of different hot chocolates and reading reviews, I’ve put together this list of what I think are the best Keurig hot chocolates.  

Before we jump into the list, let’s go over a few things that’ll help you when choosing a hot chocolate. 

Hot Chocolates Being Reviewed: 

What Makes The Best Keurig Hot Chocolate? 

There are so many choices out there when choosing a hot chocolate for your Keurig. On this list we’ve narrowed it down to just a few types of hot chocolates. 

The most popular types of Keurig hot chocolates we found that others liked include: pure cocoa, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and some pretty interesting flavoured hot chocolates. 

This list is going to stick with more classic chocolate flavors, so keep that in mind. But if you want to stray from the list, here are a few things that you should look for in those other hot chocolates. 

Cocoa Content

The amount of cocoa in your hot chocolate is what gives it that well “chocolatey” flavor that you love in hot chocolate. If you choose one that’s low in cocoa content, then you’ll just end up making thin hot water, that’s kind of chocolate flavored. 

Keurig Compatibility

There’s nothing worse than buying something and not being able to use it! So this is kind of a big thing you should be looking at when ordering k-cups. If you look into another hot chocolate not on this list, make sure you see the compatibility of the k-cup. Not all k-cups will work with all Keurig machines

The basic rundown is Keurig 1.0 k-cups will not work with 2.0 machines. But a Keurig 1.0 can take a variety of other branded k-cups. 

2.0 Keurig machines can only take certified k-cups, because of a sensor that reads the rim of a k-cup. Now there is a little hack you can use, where you can buy what’s called a Freedom Clip and it’ll allow you to use any other brand of k-cup on your Keurig 2.0 device.

Maud’s Dark Hot Chocolate 

This hot chocolate is a 100% dairy free hot chocolate, so that it doesn’t take away from the chocolatey taste! Dark chocolate is used for this tasty drink. You can expect it to have some bitterness, just like any other dark chocolates. 

It says that these are designed to work with all Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models, although they are not affiliated with Keurig. 

Other users have noted that these do have a hard time being used in 2.0 models. Just to be safe I would recommend that you only get these if you have a 1.0 Keurig model. 

You surely won’t be disappointed drinking this chocolatey and flavorful hot chocolate. 

Swiss Miss Milk Hot Chocolate 

Here we have the classic Swiss Miss that a lot of people have grown up drinking, it’s just now easier to make in a Keurig. They are certified by Keurig, so you know that they’ll work with most Keurig models.

If you wanted to know which models they work with specifically, they work with the: k65, k45, k75, k76, 2.0 and mini plus personal

One thing about the k-cups compared to the packet versions of Swiss Miss, is that it comes out slightly more watery. You can add a bit of milk in afterwards to thicken it up. 

These do contain a small amount of caffeine, so you might not want to drink them too close to bedtime or you could be up longer than you’d expect. 

Grove Square Hot Cocoa 

Next up we have Grove Square’s hot chocolate. This is the first one on this list that is guaranteed to be caffeine free. It has a milk chocolate flavor that most of us will enjoy. 

This hot chocolate is flavored with Splenda, so if you’re trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners this might not be for you. 

A little problem with this hot chocolate is that it can clump up, so give the pods a good shake to get rid of them. Another tip that someone else used to make better hot chocolate with these, is to make multiple holes on the bottom to get all of the hot chocolate powder out. 

If you like sweeter hot chocolate this is a great choice. 

Two Rivers Variety Hot Chocolate Sampler Pack 

Going off course from the normal chocolate flavored hot chocolates, we have a variety sampler pack from Two Rivers. This variety pack has a whole bunch of fun flavors that range from Mexican hot chocolate to Junior Mints! 

A word on compatibility with Keurig machines is that they will fit all 1.0 models. The newer designed version of this product will work with the 2.0’s, but there is some inventory that is not compatible with the 2.0’s being sold. 

Other than that, if you want to spice up your choice in hot chocolate, this pack has a great variety from you to choose from. There’s just a bit of everything from candy to classic dark chocolate for everyone to enjoy. 

Crave White Hot Chocolate 

Here we have a ‘white’ hot chocolate for you to try out. It’s made with confectioners sugar and rich cocoa butter to give you creamy hot chocolate. 

Since this doesn’t have any cocoa solids, there should be no caffeine in this hot chocolate. If you’re tired of the traditional chocolate flavored hot chocolate, this is a nice little change up. 

A lot of the other users note that this is the least favorite of the options they have available to them. If you’re not too keen on this flavor their Mexican hot chocolate is pretty good also!

Victor Allen’s Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa 

Last on our list we have this milk chocolate hot cocoa by Victor Allen’s. You’re going to be getting great value with this brand of hot chocolate. 

This is a very tasting hot chocolate, it’s not as rich as a hot chocolate made with milk, but isn’t as watery as some of the other options on the list. 

I would like to note that the coffee k-cups this company produces do get an error saying “water under pressure” warning. There don’t seem to be any complaints about the hot chocolate, but I thought that this should be noted at least. 

Other than that it’s one of the better tasting hot chocolates you can find!


What goes into your cup, whether it be coffee or hot chocolate is important. Down below I compiled a table of the hot chocolates being reviewed today. It shows some basic information about each of them and makes it easier for you to compare them to each other. 

CBrandCaloriesSodiumSugarContains DairyCaffeineCompatibility
Maud’s8496mg9.6gNo DairyNot Listed1.0 & some 2.0*
Swiss Miss70170mg12gYes Dairy2.38mg 1.0, 2.0, & mini plus*
Grove Square60200mg6gYes Dairy Caffeine Free1.0 & 575 model
Two Rivers60-70150mg – 230mg5g-8gAll Contain DairyNot Listed1.0 & 2.0*
Crave70150mg8gYes DairyCaffeine Free1.0 & 2.0*
Victor Allen70170mg4gYes Dairy 5-8mg 1.0 & 2.0*
For the compatibility tab, there are more in depth explanations in the reviews down above if you really want to make sure that the specific hot chocolate will work with your Keurig model.

Sodium, Calories, and Sweeteners

Just like anything you consume, be aware of some of what you’re taking in. Hot chocolate has a decent amount of sodium and sugar. It also has a decent amount of calories for being a drink, so if you have dietary restrictions, be sure to check out it’s ingredient/content list. 

Dairy vs Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate 

Some hot chocolate k-cups will have dairy already mixed in. This is totally a preference for almost everyone. If you’re lactose intolerant, you’ll probably want to stick with a dairy-free hot chocolate. 

In my opinion dairy-free hot chocolate tastes a little bit better. I get more of the chocolatey flavor from the cocoa in the drink. The milk, just like in coffee, kind of cuts the chocolate flavor, which I don’t want in my hot chocolate. 

It’s totally up to you in the end, whatever suits your taste buds the best! 

best keurig hot chocolate

Brewing With Milk?

If you were wondering if it’s okay to run milk through your Keurig to brew tasty hot chocolate, the answer is no, you shouldn’t put milk into your Keurig

The only thing you should put into a Keurig water reservoir is water! The milk can do a number of things that’ll ruin your Keurig. Two big reasons you shouldn’t include: destroying the water filter and residual milk being left in the machine. 

Putting milk and running it through your Keurig will have a large effect on the water filter, causing it to deteriorate faster than just using water. 

Brewing with milk will also leave residue from the milk in the brewing system. It’s hard to clean out and if you don’t flush out your Keurig machine, you’ll end up leaving rotten milk inside. 

If you absolutely have to have milk in your hot chocolate, add in heated milk afterwards, like you would for coffee. 

Does Hot Chocolate Have Caffeine? 

Yes, hot chocolate does have caffeine in it. The amount of caffeine really depends on the company/brand you buy for hot chocolate, because they can add in other ingredients that change the caffeine content. 

I didn’t know this until researching hot chocolate, but chocolate naturally has caffeine present in it. Anything that’s made with cocoa solids contains some amount of caffeine in it. 

There are hot chocolates out there with no caffeine, but you’ll have to check to make sure. On this list we have a hot chocolate made from white chocolate. White chocolate is only made from cocoa butter and not cocoa solids, which means it has no caffeine in it. 

What Is Dutch Cocoa/Cocoa Processed With Alkali?

If you took a look through the ingredients on hot chocolate like I did and noticed it said “Dutch Cocoa/Cocoa Processed With Alkali” and wondered what that means, you’re not alone. 

After some digging through articles on what this is, it has to do with how acidic chocolate is. The pH levels of chocolate are somewhere around 5, so manufacturers use a chemical process to raise the pH level to 7, which is neutral. 

The reason I think they do this is to make your hot chocolate more tasty, because no one likes drinking sour hot chocolate. Another reason could be that they don’t have to use as much sugar or other additives to balance out the natural acidic flavor. 

My Hot Cocoa Choice 

My choice for the best Keurig hot chocolate is going to have to be the classic Swiss Miss. It has that nostalgic chocolatey flavor that a lot of us have enjoyed over the years. The only small complaint about it is that it is a little bit watery than the packaged version, but still has the same great taste. 

If you wanted to try something more fun and exciting, Two Rivers Variety Sampler Pack. You get a little bit of everything in this pack, including some awesome candy flavored hot chocolates. 

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