Finding the best latte maker in 2021

Latte machines can be expensive. It’s super important to do your research and find something that is not only in your budget but also fits your needs for the best latte maker. You want to make sure that the latte machine you are purchasing can make a good cappuccino or latte.

Making incredible lattes at home is a great choice for any coffee lover. No matter what your budget or skill level, there is a latte machine out there that will let you make coffee shop quality beverages. Here are a few tips and researched latte makers to help you find the best latte maker for your coffee preferences.

Latte Makers Being Reviewed

A Consideration Before Choosing the Best Latte Maker

Semi-Automatic Versus Automatic Latte Machines

When considering latte machines, you will have to consider how much of the coffee preparation you will want to do yourself. For those that like to have more control over the entire latte brewing process, you should think about getting a semi-automatic espresso machine, which gives you more control over the entire latte-making process. Just keep in mind that they are a lot less convenient than an automatic machine, and it will require that you know how to use a steaming wand.

An automatic machine is user-friendly and built for convenience. Usually, they come with a coffee grinder that is built-in, which allows you to add coffee beans and then just push a button to brew the coffee. Plus, they often include a milk frother that takes the place of the steam wand, so you won’t need to learn how to use it.

While an automatic machine will do most of the work for you, there is still some manual operation that will be required. If you choose a super-automatic latte machine, it will take over the entire process for you from grinding the beans to brewing the cup of coffee. However, it will be like having your very own coffee shop in your house.

These super-automatic latte machines are more consistent when producing a quality latte every time it makes one. Most of the best latte machines are typically single-serve machines, whether they are manual or automatic since that is the nature of the drink.

Keurig K-Café Machine

This single-serve coffee maker is dishwasher safe and coffee shot capable. The Keurig K-Café Machine makes coffee, cappuccino, and latte and is compatible with all k-cup pods. Offering a full-flavored and rich coffee, the Keurig K-Café Coffee Maker gives you endless coffee possibilities.

Creating delicious cappuccino, coffee, and latte, the Keurig K-Café Machine allows you to use the coffee shop to make coffee with a concentrated shot while the frother allows you to use fresh milk in order to create a frothy cappuccino or creamy latte. You can also make your cappuccino or latte or cold using the cold frothed milk to create incredibly refreshing iced cappuccinos or iced lattes. You also have the option to brew either 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces of your favorite cocoa, coffee, or tea.

Super easy to clean, the Keurig K-Café Machine is dishwasher safe. With simple to use button controls, all you have to do is place the k-cup pod and push a button to brew the most delicious coffee. Using the Smart Start process, this coffee maker will heat and brew in just one simple process, so you won’t need to wait for it to heat up before you choose your cup size.

Featuring a large 60-ounce water reservoir, this coffee maker lets you brew up to six cups before it needs to be refilled. The easy to refill reservoir helps to save you time and simplifies your morning routine. This energy-efficient coffee maker has a programmable automatic off feature that will turn the machine off two hours after your last brew to save energy.

The Keurig K-Café Machine is also travel mug friendly and can accommodate a travel mug up to 7.2-inches allowing it to fit in the top rack of your dishwasher. And, this machine is also compatible with my K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter that lets you brew your own ground coffee.

It’s simple to use and clean This machine is pretty small
You can use the k-cup reusable filter with this The frother valve is super tiny
It heats and brews at the same time

Mr. Coffee Café Barista

Allowing you to be your own barista, the Mr. Coffee Café Barista produces coffeehouse quality lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos. Equipped with an electric 15-bar pump, this machine lets you create powerful pressure in order to extract rich and bold flavors as it brews. This simple to use machine allows anyone to craft coffee using one-touch controls.

Equipped with a removable milk reservoir, the Mr. Coffee Café Barista allows you to store leftover milk in the refrigerator when you aren’t using it during the brew. The one-touch controls allow you to pick between single and double shots and will froth milk automatically using an adjustable control knob. The included recipe book allows you to easily make impressive coffee drinks that will also inspire you to create original recipes from home.

Easy to use, the Mr. Coffee Café Barista is a semi-automatic three in one espresso, latte, and cappuccino maker. The automatic milk frother is trouble-free and removes the guesswork when making coffee.

The milk reservoir can be stored in the fridge The temperature could be more consistent
The milk frother is automatic It’s pretty noisy
Comes with a little handy recipe book

Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine

Made with brushed stainless steel, the Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine features textured milk and a commercial-style 58 mm portafilter. Featuring an updated design, this modern-looking machine uses improved pump mounts for a quieter brewing experience. It also includes commercial single and double shot baskets.

Compatible with ESE pods and pre-ground pods, the Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine offers café quality espresso using commercial components. The textured milk feature produces velvety microfoam that is ideal for latte art when you use the new commercial steam wand. The filter baskets provide consistent shot quality as well as a thick layer of crema out of pretty much any coffee thanks to the pressure basket, plus you can use the commercial basket using your own grinder to get a café-quality espresso.

The portafilter is made with a durable chrome-plated brass that is the same style and size as a commercial machine in coffee houses and cafes. The Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine also includes a three-way solenoid valve that you usually see in a commercial machine. This feature will relieve pressure off of the coffee to produce a dry and easy to discard puck.

The Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine also comes with an updated stainless steel frame for a more streamlined look. The mounting of the vibration pump has also seen an upgrade. It’ll make less noise while the dual heating elements allow the boiler to be brew ready in just five minutes and have steam ready in only 30 seconds. And, the updated controls feature three switches to control teaming, power, and brewing. There are indicator lights for each switch to let you know when the machine is turned on, ready to create steam, and ready to brew.

This entry-level, semi-automatic espresso machine also comes with a commercial steam want that features a rotating wand movement and a water tank with a 2.1-liter capacity. The Gaggia Classic Pro is a versatile machine that is full of commercial features that you will enjoy.

Has a very fast warm up time The steam wand and drip tray could be constructed a bit better
There’s a lot of space under the portafilter for cups
It comes with an adjustable valve steam feature

De’Longhi Dedica 5-Bar Pump Espresso Machine

Offering a traditional cappuccino and espresso experience, the De’Longhi Dedica 5-Bar Pump Espresso Machine features a compact and sleek design. Made with passion and skill, this machine doesn’t use much counter space with its narrow six-inch design. Featuring a patented manual cappuccino system, you can make the thickest, richest, and longest-lasting foam to create the perfect coffee beverage.

You can use the unique flow stop feature to customize your coffee, or you can add one or two shots of espresso to brew the exact cup of coffee that you desire. With the De’Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso Machine, you get incredible performance and easy to use controls with illuminated buttons. The three in one filter holder allows you to accommodate single and double shots or easy to serve espresso pods while the thermoblock technology allows the machine to heat up to the precise temperature for brewing in just 40 seconds.

The manual frother allows you to mix milk and steam to create a cream and rich froth for evenly textured drinks. The De’Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso Machine gives you quality results each time you make coffee thanks to the adjustable controls that let you make modifications to meet your personal preferences. And, the Rapid Cappuccino System allows the machine to maintain the best temperature for brewing cup after cup.

Despite its sleek design, the De’Longhi Dedica Pump Espresso Machine has a generous 35-ounce water tank. This machine offers a traditional and authentic Italian Espresso experience every time.

It has a lot of options for you to adjust to your preferences The parts are not dishwasher safe
The water tank is very large The descaler that it comes with doesn’t work to well
It can heat up in under a minute

Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffee Maker

Producing coffee house quality drinks, the Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffee Maker lets you create incredible coffee drinks just like the local coffee shop. By simply pushing a button, this machine lets you brew lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos and lets you choose either a double or single shot of espresso. Plus, the milk frother will automatically steam your preferred milk choice into an airy and light foam.

With the included 19-bar Italian pump, the Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffee Maker provides the right amount of pressure needed to put every little bit of flavor out of the brew to create a tasty barista-quality drink. The included thermocouple heating system evenly and quickly heats water while the handy milk reservoir is removable making it easy to clean and fill, plus you can use it to store leftover milk into the refrigerator.

Equipped with a cup tray that you can adjust, the Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffee Maker can fit both tall and short mugs while the one-touch control panel is intuitive and simple to use. You can choose either a single or a double shot with just the push of a button, which takes all the guesswork out of operating the machine.

The directions for this machine are clear and straightforward to follow It does have a learning curve
The machine is pretty simple to use and easy to clean A minor annoyance, doesn’t let you know when it has no water
This frother will let you create beautiful microfoam for all your lattes and espresso drinks

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Large, but compact, the Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine brews barista-quality coffee in under a minute. This stainless steel machine lets you grind beans right before extraction and offers either manual or automatic operation to ensure you get authentic café style results. It also comes with interchangeable filters to give you perfectly balanced taste and rich, full flavor.

Using the precise dose of coffee, the Brevile Barista allows the coffee to express incredible flavors and an intense aroma. This perfectly balanced taste is due to the precise control of the water temperature using digital temperature control technology with controls that give you balanced coffee extraction creating consistency in your coffee every time. The silky feel of true microfoam milk that is steamed with pressure to create tons of tiny bubbles will help to enhance the flavor of your coffee while the temperature brings out the sweetness in the milk.

The Brevile Barista also features espresso with an irresistible body that includes a pre-infusion soaking of the grinds and lets water evenly pass through the coffee during a high-pressure extraction process. This hands-free machine includes an integrated conical burr grinder that gives you just the right amount of fresh ground coffee right into the portafilter while the intuitive grind size dial gives you control over the size of the grind.

It puts freshly ground coffee in the filter for you This machine does take a lot of work to use
The milk frother works wellIt’ll still brew if there’s no water in the reservoir, you got to keep watch over this
You’ll get fantastic espresso from this machine when used properly

Things You Should to Consider Deciding On A Latte Machine


Similar to other household appliances, a latte machine can come in all different sizes. You need to consider your counter space and determine what size machine will fit best in the available space. You want to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of anything, or you may need to consider a compact machine if you have limited counter space.

Milk Frother

A milk frother is a vital part of a latte machine. It will enhance the flavor of your coffee and take it to the next level. When you have a milk frother, you can practice making microfoam, which gives lattes their silky texture. Make sure that your latte machine comes with a built-in steam wand that will give you enough pressure to top off cappuccinos and lattes with that fluffy cloud of froth that you.

Convenience & Usage

How easy the machine is to use is another big consideration when you choose a latte machine. 

If you are a beginner, it’s probably a good idea to get a user-friendly machine. So, look for a simple latte machine that is simple to use and wait to upgrade to a more advanced machine when you have more experience. And, if you want to customize your drink, you should probably go for a semi-automatic machine that will give you tons of options for altering the brew time and temperature.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance aren’t necessarily the first things you think of when choosing a latte machine, but it’s a pretty important consideration. Since you want this machine to save you time in the morning and make your life easier, you want that to extend to cleaning the machine. 

In an ideal world, you will want a basically maintenance-free machine that can be cleaned quickly. Look for machines that are dishwasher safe and that you don’t have to take the entire machine apart to clean it.


The size of the water reservoir is very important if you need the machine to make several brews in the morning. With a larger water tank on the machine, you won’t have to refill it as often, which is a great feature if you entertain a lot. Reservoirs that you can remove are also pretty handy since it is definitely easier to take out the reservoir to clean it or fill it right at the sink instead of carrying over the entire latte machine around the kitchen.

Besides entertaining, you also need to consider if you will be making coffee just for yourself or for other members of your family. A large water reservoir adds more convenience and is suitable for a large family of coffee drinkers.

Control versus Convenience

The biggest factor to consider is how much control you want versus how convenient the machine is. There are some latte machines that will do everything for you while others will need a manual setup as well as manual shot pulling and manual steaming. So, it all depends on how involved you really want to be in your daily espresso.

Coffee enthusiasts that are interested in learning the craft will appreciate a semi-automatic machine. These completely “do it yourself” machines give you total control over the steam wand, the coffee grounds, and the shot timer. But, if you are more interested in convenience and speed, you will love a super-automatic latte machine that gives you ease and simplicity. Typically, these machines will take care of each step of the latte making process, so all you will have to do is choose which drink you want by just pressing a button.

Built-In Grinder

A good grinder will give you the ideal ground and ultimately an incredible cup of coffee. You will find that semi-automatic and super-automatic latte machines may come with a built-in grinder. Many good-quality latte machines will have a stainless-steel grinder, although you can sometimes find a ceramic grinder that is noiseless.

Super convenient, a built-in grinder can save you the expense of buying an additional piece of equipment. And, it can save you on your counter space. However, there are people that like to have separate pieces of equipment, since it will let them upgrade each of the devices separately in the future.

The Verdict

The winner of the latte maker roundup is the Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine. Featuring an updated design, this modern-looking machine uses improved pump mounts for a quieter brewing experience. Compatible with ESE pods and pre-ground pods, this machine offers café quality espresso using commercial components.

The Portafilter has a commercial style that is made with a durable chrome-plated brass that is the same style and size as a commercial machine in coffee houses and cafes. The mounting of the vibration pump offers less noise while the dual heating elements allow the boiler to be brew ready in just five minutes and have steam ready in only 30 seconds.

This entry-level, semi-automatic espresso machine also comes with a commercial steam want that features a rotating wand movement and a water tank with a 2.1-liter capacity. The Gaggia Classic Pro is a versatile machine that is full of commercial features that you will enjoy. The definite winner of the latte maker roundup is the Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine hands down.


Which type of machine is the easiest to clean?

A super-automatic latte machine tends to come with a self-cleaning function that is not only efficient but also convenient. No matter what, it’s hard to beat a self-cleaning machine. With a semi-automatic machine, you will have a more hands-on experience cleaning it, but the benefit of the machine lies in the complete control you have and the ability to do an extra deep clean when needed.

Is it hard to pull a great espresso shot?

Making espresso is pretty much like any other type of skill, it just takes practice and time to get it right. While it’s not particularly hard, it’s still a learning process, but one that you will enjoy as you learn how the process of espresso works.

Are there any accessories that you need to budget for?

There are definitely accessories that you can get to go along with your latte machine. A grinder is a definite must while a knock box is handy for used grounds. A shot glass or small mug as well as a milk pitcher for steaming milk can also be a great addition to your machine. Some latte machines do come with some of these accessories, so make sure you check and see if you already have it before going out and buying another one.

What is the Difference Between Lattes and Cappuccinos?

A latte is an espresso-based drink that is sweeter than espresso and uses steamed milk. This is a milk heavy drink when you compare it to a basic cappuccino that has more foam. In the latte, there is milk froth, which is really hard to do well. It requires aerating and texturing to create a velvety and creamy batch of milk that has enough body to make a great cappuccino or create latte art.

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