If you’ve never had coffee made from a Moka pot, you’ve been missing out! Moka pots create some of the most concentrated and flavorful coffee compared to most machines. This article here is to help you find the Moka pot that fits your needs the most. 

Quick Overview

Tips For Buying A Moka Pot  


Choosing a Moka pot that brews enough coffee for you is probably one of the biggest things to consider before buying one. Waiting for a second pot of coffee to brew can be annoying. 

If you didn’t know already, Moka Pots brew coffee that’s somewhere in between regular coffee and an espresso shot. This liquid is highly concentrated and full of flavor when brewed correctly. Moka pots generally brew a small amount of coffee. 

The units used for measuring what Moka pots brew are in cups. A single cup is equal to about 2 ounces. If you’re only going to be using this for yourself choose a 1-3 cup Moka pot, but if you’re going to be using this for many people you might want to pick up at 12 cup one. 

Size and Compatibility 

Moka pots are not as big as most people think they are. The smaller ones can fit in the palm of your hand. What size moka pot you choose is impacted by what kind of stove you have. 

Gas stoves are mainly affected by the size. If you choose too small of one, it might not sit correctly on your stove burners. Also most handles on moka pots are made out of plastic or rubber, which tend to melt/burn being so close to the open flame. 

Choosing a larger one helps with both of those problems. 


Moka pots originally were made out of aluminum for their versatility and affordability. Companies now have started to make them out of stainless steel, kind of like a premium version. Each of the materials have their pros and cons about them. 


  • Less expensive 
  • Heats up fast 
  • Come in more stylish and polished designs 
  • Not dishwasher safe, needs to be hand washed 
  • Dents easily 

Stainless Steel 

  • More durable and sturdy, although can be pretty flimsy depending on the manufacturer 
  • Can be used on any type heat source: gas, electric, induction 
  • Can wash in a dishwasher 
  • Takes a longer amount of time to heat up, but also retains that heat for a much longer time 

Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Coffee Maker 

The Bialetti Moka is a traditional Italian designed coffee maker. They are both designed and made in Italy. The Bialetti makes 3 cups or 4.4 ounces of Moka coffee, which is just a little bit over 2 espresso cups. That’s the perfect amount for a single person. If you need more coffee, Bialetti does have this same model in 6 and 9 cup options. 

This Moka Pot is made out of aluminum. As I mentioned above, aluminum is a great conductor of heat. The Bialetti can have coffee ready in under 5 minutes. You do have to be careful with this Moka Pot if you’re brewing over an open flame. The plastic handle will melt if the flame is too hot or close. 

This stovetop coffee maker is easy to disassemble and reassemble to make cleaning quick. 

Pros Cons
Makes pretty strong coffeeHas to be watched while its brewing
Easy disassembly for cleaning Handle can melt, have to be extra careful with heat levels
Small & Compact

Bellemain Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot 

The Bellemain Moka Maker makes up to 6-cups of coffee. This moka maker also has an Italian design and is made out of aluminum. The aluminum material allows for quick heating on either a gas or electric stovetop. 

The ergonomically designed handle makes it easier for you to remove the moka pot from your stove without getting burned. The handle is placed further out, which is nice, so you don’t burn the back of your fingers on the side of it. 

This moka pot is pretty easy to clean, like most other moka pots. If you choose to get this one, you will need to wash it by hand. Washing it by hand will prevent the metal coating from flaking off and help your moka pot last longer.

My favorite thing about this moka pot is that you’re getting a lot of value, at an extremely affordable price. It’s well crafted and makes a great cup of coffee. 

Pros Cons
Handle is very heat resistant Bottom and inside of bottom get discolored after using
Well constructed Coating can wear down to bare metal
The base is very sturdy and heavy

Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso Moka Pot 

This aluminum Moka Pot is perfect for any source of heat, whether it be: gas, electric, or a propane camping stove. The Grosche Milano has large soft rubber handles to prevent your hands from getting burned. The handles are made of rubber and not wood. They only have a wood pattern on them. 

The Grosche Milano comes in a range of colors and sizes. The sizes range from 1 cup – 12 cups. As a reminder each cup is about 2 ounces of liquid. 

This moka pot comes with a certified safety valve that was made in Italy. This valve was built to last and help release pressure from so your moka pot doesn’t explode. 

Like most of the other moka pots on this list, you will have to hand wash it. The aluminum finish will come off if you try to wash it in a dishwasher. 

Pros Cons
Handle doesn’t get too hot or melt Not dishwasher safe, needs to be washed by hand
Sturdy feel when holding The handle is just a wood pattern not actually made of wood
Handle has a slight grip to make it easier to handle

Bialetti Venus Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker 

The Bialetti Venus makes up to 6-cups or 10 ounces of coffee. It is made out of stainless steel. Most stainless steel models are dishwasher safe, but Bialetti recommends that you hand wash and dry this model. 

It also heats up very quickly, within 4-5 minutes. My favorite feature of this moka pot is that the lid and handle are both made of heat resistant nylon. The lid can be opened by pressing down with your thumb, instead of having to take the whole thing off by lifting it off like some other models. 

In the above tips for buying moka pots section, I do mention that models made of stainless steel can work with induction stoves. This model seems to have a problem with that though. If you have an induction stove, I would choose a different moka pot. But if you have a gas or electric stove, this will brew you some very tasty coffee.

Pros Cons
Easy to disassemble and clean Bottom gets discolored after brewing even though it’s stainless steel
The polished steel looks great Has a problem with induction stoves
Replacement parts are easy to find

Cuisinox Roma 6-Cup Stainless Steel Moka Pot

This is my favorite moka pot that I researched. The Cuisinox Roma Stainless Steel Moka Pot makes 6-cups of coffee. Their cups are slightly smaller at 1 ½ ounces per cup, so this thing brews about 9 ounces of coffee. 

The entire thing is made out of stainless steel. The outside has a nice polished stainless steel look, while the inside has been sandblasted. Since the entire thing is made out of stainless steel, including the handle and lid, everything will get hot. This is easily fixed by using an oven mitt or a cloth the first time you are going to pour coffee. After that the pot should be cool enough to handle with your hands. 

Cuisinox has made this moka pot extremely well. Things do wear and tear, so they include an extra rubber gasket. They also include a reducer in case you want to brew smaller batches of coffee. Being a testament of how well this moka pot is made, it also has a 25 year warranty.

Pros Cons
Works great with induction stove topsThe handle and lid gets hot since the entire thing is made of stainless steel
Very well made and has an attractive design
Comes with a reducer so you can make smaller batches of coffee if you’d like
Comes with a 25 year warranty

The Verdict

My top choice for moka pots has to be the Cuisinox Roma 6-Cup Stainless Steel Moka Pot. It’s made of high quality stainless steel that’s meant to last. It has a nice sleek polished steel design that’ll look great in any kitchen. It brews fantastic tasting coffee at a very reasonable speed. As said in the review of this moka pot, Cuisinox even gives this a 25 year warranty to prove that this is a quality product. An issue about this product for some is that it is on the pricier side for moka pots. Other than that I think it’s the best moka pot available. 

If you were looking for something that was a little more budget friendly, my choice would be the Bellemain Stovetop Moka Maker. This moka pot makes great coffee although it does do it a little slow at around 15 minutes. The couple issues that this has is with cosmetics. Sometimes the aluminum finish will flake off, but that can be avoided with careful handling and handwashing. The bottom also becomes discolored overtime with use. If these things don’t steer you away from this product, then this is a great choice. It’s affordable, makes tasty coffee, and has a classic Italian design. 

To restate, my top pick is the Cuisinox Roma 6-Cup Stainless Steel Moka Pot and if you’re on a budget my pick is the Bellemain Stovetop Moka Maker. I hope you found one that fits what you need!

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