3 Best single cup coffee makers with a grinder

If you’re here, you’re looking for the best single cup coffee maker that has a built in grinder. Having the convenience of two appliances in one would be fantastic. You’ll save space and some time having them together. 

Today I’m going to be going over 3 of the best single cup coffee makers with built in grinders. There are other models on the market, but I felt they weren’t even worth mentioning considering they had a ton of issues with them. I will continue to review and add to the list if any newer models are available to us! 

Coffee Makers Being Reviewed 

Burr Grinders versus Blade Grinders

The grinder of a coffee maker is important. It’ll determine how consistent the size of your coffee grounds are. There are two types of grinders that are used to grind coffee: burr grinders and blade grinders. 

When comparing the two, a burr grinder provides a more consistent coffee bean grind than a blade grinder. A burr grinder does not get as hot as a blade grinder does. The heat from a blade grinder will alter the flavors of your beans. Although if you’re not too worried about these things, a blade grinder will work fine.

Carafe vs To-Go Mugs 

Depending on what you plan to brew your coffee in to can affect the choice in coffee maker you should get. The first thing you should consider is whether you’re going to be taking your coffee with you to places or not. Not all coffee makers have the room to fit a traveling mug underneath the brewing spout.

Now if you’re mainly going to be drinking your coffee at home, you should probably get a coffee maker with a carafe. Carafes usually come as either stainless steel thermal carafes or glass carafes.

Thermal carafes are an awesome way to keep your coffee warm. They’re designed to hold your coffee and keep it hot until you’re ready to pour a cup, without burning your coffee. Coffee makers that come with thermal carafes do cost a little more. 

Most coffee makers that come with a glass carafe also come with a hot plate. The hot plate continually heats your coffee, which usually results in burnt tasting coffee. Glass carafes do let you see how much coffee you have left and are more stylish than a thermal.

You can also just fill up your to-go mug by pouring coffee from a carafe into it. If doing this doesn’t bother you, then getting a carafe is going to be the better choice.

Auto Shutoff

Auto shutoff functions are becoming pretty standard for most coffee makers. Just a small reminder, to check if a model has this feature. It is a really awesome feature to have, so you’ll never have to worry if you turned off your machine or not. 

Programmable Settings

Programmable settings make it so much easier to make great coffee. With programmable settings, you are able to enjoy your coffee exactly the way you want it. You can choose what strength you prefer no matter if you want it weak, mild, medium, or strong tasting. 

Another setting you want to look out for is if you have grinding options. Having different grinding options can change the way your coffee tastes, so that you can adjust it to how you like it. 

Sboly Coffee Machine Grind and Brew 2 in 1 

This Sboly coffee maker serves up coffee in just under 5 minutes. You can choose to brew directly into a to-go mug or directly in a cup. The metal removable drip tray can be adjusted to different levels to prevent splashing when brewing into a cup. The coffee maker can fit to-go mugs up to 6.7 inches or 17 centimeters. 

It’s fully programmable, letting you have control over several options before and during brewing. When you fill up this coffee maker with beans, you have a choice in whether they are whole beans or already pre-ground. A very awesome feature to have, if you happen to only have some already ground coffee. 

You’ll have two options while grinding the beans for a fine or coarse. The fine grind will slow down your brew time a bit compared to the coarser grind. Of course this means you’ll also be getting stronger tasting coffee using the fine grind and weaker tasting coffee with the coarse grind. 

This Sboly coffee maker has a sort of sudo sneak-a-cup feature. There is a button on the coffee maker that will stop any process that the machine is currently in. It can stop the brewing or grinding process if you choose to make it do so. 

If you like extremely hot coffee right from when it’s done brewing, this isn’t going to be the coffee maker for you. The coffee comes out at a reasonable and drinkable temperature of 150 – 160 degrees. If you like your coffee scalding hot, you’ll have to microwave or opt for a different coffee maker. 

Pros Cons
It has detachable accessories and parts that make cleaning easy and most of the parts are dishwasher safe Has to be unplugged and replugged back in after 8 grindings. A minor annoyance.
Comes with a stainless steel to-go mug that’ll keep your coffee warm for a longer period of time The on/off button only really turns it on, but it turns itself off after the brewing cycle is done
It’ll make a beep noise to let you know that the coffee is ready The grinder is kind of loud
It comes with a permanent filter

KRUPS Personal Café Grind Drip 

Easy to clean and use, this coffee maker can grind beans to create delicious brewed coffee. The KRUPS Personal Café Grind Drip Maker will grind your coffee beans right before it starts brewing. You can easily adjust the grinder to either coarse or fine grinds that are uniform, to perfect your coffee.

Personalize your coffee by choosing either a bold or regular brewing option. The KRUPS Personal Café Grind Drip Maker features a powerful grinding system that uses a stainless-steel grinder. It can easily be adjusted to either a coarse or fine grind. The grinder will produce uniform grinds that are needed for perfect coffee results.

Easy to disassemble, the unique brewing and grinding parts are easy and fast to clean, plus they are also safe for the dishwasher. Coffee stays warm up to 30 minutes with the KRUPS Personal Café Grind Drip Maker before it turns off automatically. This might not seem too long compared to the other coffee makers, but coffee usually starts to lose its flavor after an hour anyways. 

Equipped with a BOLD brew option, the KRUPS Personal Café Grind Drip Maker can provide a more robust coffee flavor. With its compact design, this coffee maker will not take up a lot of room on your countertop. It also comes with a glass coffee pot that features fill water mark indicators, a cleaning brush, a coffee scoop, and a stainless-steel permanent filter.

Pros Cons
Has a very attractive design with the stainless steel parts The coffee pours out kind of fast with this carafe, pouring a little slower solves this problem
Super compact size to save you the most counterspace The beans do take a while to fully grind and brew coffee, a small price for great tasting coffee
Will turn off automatically after keeping your coffee warm for 30 minutes

Sboly Grind and Brew Automatic Coffee Machine 

Our last single cup coffee maker with a grinder, is another Sboly machine. The difference between this one and the first one, is that this is a traditional coffee maker. It comes with a glass carafe. This coffee maker brews between 6 – 12 ounces. A nice feature to have if some days you only want a small amount of caffeine. 

This comes with very similar features as the other Sboly coffee maker. You have options for grinding between fine or coarse grounds. The coffee maker will also take in pre-ground coffee if that’s all you have on hand. It’ll also work with variety tea leaves as well if you want to get caffeine another way. 

A few other features this coffee maker has is that it’ll automatically shut off for you after it’s done brewing. This does have the sneak-a-cup feature when you remove the carafe. 

My favorite thing about this coffee maker is that it won’t start brewing until you have everything in the correct place. That means no unnecessary spills or cleanups for you if something is misaligned. It’ll notify you with an auditory beep when everything is where it should be for you to start making coffee. 

A small annoyance about this machine is that you might have to run your beans through the grinder twice. Adding less beans to these machines seems to help avoid having to do it twice though.

Pros Cons
Won’t let you brew unless everything is in the right place, preventing messy clean upsMight have to double grind if you add too many beans to the hopper
The buttons are brightly lit LED lights, easily visible whether it’s day or night Have to pour pretty lightly out of the carafe or coffee will drip down the side of it
It comes with a permanent filter

Other Features To Consider


Coffee makers are usually built with stainless steel or plastic. Both types of material are pretty strong and long-lasting, however stainless steel is generally stronger and definitely better looking.

You usually won’t find a coffee maker that is completely plastic-free. Also, make sure you look at the warranty that comes with your coffee maker. It can tell you how much confidence the manufacturer has in its quality by how long the warranty is.

Size & Capacity

For some kitchens, the size of the machine’s footprint matters a lot, since you’ll need to make sure you have enough space for it on your counter. The height is something to take into consideration as well. If you’re going to be placing your coffee maker underneath cabinets, make sure there is enough room between your counter and cabinet for your coffee maker. 

You won’t have to worry about this one too much, as all of the coffee makers on the list are pretty small. 


As you choose your grind and brew coffee maker, consider a machine that comes with a timer. This will allow the coffee maker to prepare fresh coffee automatically at predetermined times. By just programming the timer, you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee without having to stand and wait for it to brew in the morning.

Cleaning and Design

The grind and brew coffee maker is a super handy machine to have. To add to its convenience, check to see if it has detachable parts. That’ll make it easier to remove individual parts for cleaning. 

The design of a coffee maker can be the difference between a perfect one and an annoying one. For example, if the design has the grinder right above the brewer, the stream from brewing coffee will then go right into the grinder. This can make maintaining the machine difficult, so try to choose an easier to maintain design.

Which Coffee Maker Should You Get

So, by now you’re probably wondering which one you should get. If you primarily want to take coffee on the go, I would go with the Sboly Coffee Machine Grind and Brew 2 in 1. This has many of the features that I mentioned in the “what to look for” section. That includes: having different grind options, pausing mid-brew to grab a cup of coffee, and a few others. It lets you easily fill up the mug that they send with the coffee maker with freshly brewed coffee. 

If you’re going to be making coffee just to drink at home, I would go with the KRUPS Personal Grind and Drip coffee maker. It’ll brew hotter coffee than the Sboly 2 in 1 and has most of the features some people want in their coffee makers. You can adjust the grind size, between either coarse or fine for your beans. There’s the option to brew your coffee either bold or regular, it’ll slow down the extraction time to draw out more of your coffee’s flavor. The biggest difference between this and the Sboly carafe coffee maker is that it will keep your coffee warm for up to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes it’ll automatically shut off for you. 

To summarize, I would choose the Sboly Coffee Machine Grind and Brew 2 in 1 if you’re going to be traveling with your coffee, but if you’re going to be at home I would go with the KRUPS Personal Grind and Drip

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