Cold Brew Foam? A new Way To Top Your Iced Coffees

Starbucks introduced cold brew foam way back in 2014, but has become very popular in the past few years thanks to TikTok and social media. 

Typically when you order hot drinks that are made with milk, you get a small amount of foam on top that some of us love. The way iced drinks are made, you won’t get any foam on top of your drink. 

Cold foam combines that love of foam and iced/cold drinks for all of us to enjoy! 

Sweetened or Unsweetened?

You can enjoy cold foam either sweetened or unsweetened when you order it on top of your favorite iced coffee. 

Later in the article, I’ll have some tasty recipes that you can try out the next time you make cold brew foam at home. 

Milk Choices and Calories

You can basically use any type of milk you want for your cold brew foam. Lower fat milks tend to be a little more airy than milks with a higher amount of fat. 

Opting for something with a little more fat will give you a more creamy and velvety texture for your cold foam! 

The calories in cold foam vary depending on what type of milk you’re using. Cold foam is traditionally made with non-fat milk, which has the least amount of calories. 

Here’s a comparison of the amount of calories per cup each type of milk has.

Milk TypeCalories Per Cup
Non-Fat 83
3% or Whole Milk 156
Half & Half 315
Heavy Whipping Cream 800
Coconut Milk 552
Almond Milk 60

Different Ways To Make Cold Brew Foam At Home

There are several easy ways that you can make cold foam right at home in no time! No need to go out and get extra gadgets to make this delicious topping.

Slow Build Up 

Milk Frother


Handheld Mixer

We’ll start off with using some electrical appliances that you might have laying around at home. These all basically have the same instructions. 

You’ll want to start off by pouring your choice of milk into a container or mixing bowl. If you want your cold foam sweetened, this’ll be the time when you add it in. 

Start on a slow setting and then gradually build up speed until you have soft foam peaks of cold foam. 

The Manual Way 

If you happen to not have any of those appliances, there are still other things around the house you can use to make cold foam. 

French Press 

French presses can be used for a lot of things, including making cold brew, but you can also make cold brew foam with it!

You’ll want to start by filling it part way up with your choice of milk. I like to pour anywhere from a quarter and half way, to give yourself a little room for the cold foam. 

Plunge up and down on your French Press for 1-2 minutes, depending on how fast you’re going. 

Mason Jar 

This method I like the least, because of all the arm work, but it’ll get the job done. Fill a mason jar part with milk and close the top off. Shake until it turns into cold foam and you’re good to go. 

Tip: To keep your cold foam cold while you’re shaking it, put your jar in the freezer for a few minutes before you start shaking. 


A whisk probably doesn’t need too much explanation. Pour some milk into a mixing bowl and just whisk. This method takes the longest for me to do and feels like it requires the most work. 

4 Tasty Cold Brew Foam Recipes To Try 

If you want to spice up your cold brew foam for your iced coffees, here are some delicious recipes for you to try!

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Foam 

A classic flavor that most, if not all of us enjoy with our coffee. You can easily add it in while you’re making cold foam. 


Salted Cream Cold Foam 

If you want to try something sweet and savory, the Salted Cream cold foam is for you! 


White Mocha & Toffee Nut Cold Foam 

This is one of my favorite flavors of coffee to make/order. The sweet white chocolate and slight nuttiness from the toffee nut is just heavenly! 


Raspberry Truffle Cold Foam 

Fruity. Tart. Sweet. Creamy. This recipe has it all. If you love any type of raspberry chocolates, you’re sure to love this! 

Let me know down below how the recipes of above taste if you try them out or if you make up your own recipe!

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