A Delicious Algerian Iced Lemon Coffee: Mazagran

For those of you looking to make a simple change up on your iced coffee, Mazagran iced coffee might be for you. 

Mazagran or masagran coffee originates from Algeria and has become very popular in Portugal. There is a slight difference, in Portugal they do use espresso and sometimes rum in the recipe. 

Let’s go over a few things before you start making Mazagran for yourself. 

The Best Beans To Use For Mazagran Iced Coffee?

Some of the best beans you can use for this coffee are light in roast and fruity in flavor. Most light roasts will have fruity flavors that really shine in this version of iced coffee.

Coffee beans from Africa, such as Sidamo or Yirgacheffe are good options for lighter and fruitier roasts. Africa is home to some of the most premium coffee beans that you can get in the world, they’re worth trying once in your life! 

How Should You Brew Your Coffee?

The best and easiest methods are any drip-style of brewing coffee. This includes your cold brewing, pour overs, or even your regular coffee maker that you have. 

Whatever method you choose, I’m sure you’ll make delicious tasting coffee for the Mazagran iced coffee recipe. 

Ingredients You’ll Need

  1. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice 
  2. Water 
  3. Sugar 
  4. Ice

That’s it! Having to use only a few ingredients is what makes Mazagran such an awesome iced coffee drink that you can do at home! 

The instructions for putting it together are pretty simple. I would just add each amount in small portions until you find something that you like. That’s the easiest way you’ll get something that you’ll enjoy drinking. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Here’s a list of some commonly asked questions that you or others have about this drink and similar lemon coffee drinks. 

Can You Mix Lemon And Coffee?

Yes, you can mix any form of lemon and coffee together, you’ll be perfectly fine. There are some health benefits that come with mixing the two together. 

The main benefit being the amount of antioxidants that you’ll get by drinking it. If you want to know more about science and health stuff about this, you can check out this article by Healthline

Can I Drink Coffee And Lemon At Night?

You can, but it’s still coffee. There still is caffeine in lemon coffee, so just be aware that you’ll be awake for a while! 

Can You Make You Order This At Starbucks?

Unfortunately you can’t order this at Starbucks. They don’t have any lemon or lemon syrup to put in their coffee.

You can try your hand at finding the Mazagran lemon coffee that Starbucks released, but it was made a pretty long time ago and probably won’t taste good. 

Other Similar Lemon Coffee Drinks

Lemon and coffee have been paired together for a really long time. There’s all sorts of variations: Kaffelemonad from Sweden or even cold brew and lemon. You can search up lemon coffee and you’re sure to find a recipe you’ll like!

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