Nespresso vertuo vs original: Is there a clear winner?

Let’s not waste any time and get directly into the Nespresso Vertuo vs Original comparisons and see what they each have to offer us! For those of you who don’t have time to read the entire article, check the table right below for an overview: 

  • Original: 
    • More choices of machines to choose from
    • Bar pump brewing 
    • You have way more options for brands of capsules to use 
    • Some models have built in milk frothers for espresso based drinks 
    • The wide range of models fits almost anyone’s budget 
  • Vertuo: 
    • You have more brewing size options that includes regular coffee brewing
    • Centrifugal brewing, which is quite a bit quieter than the bar pump 
    • Less options to choose from when picking a model 
    • Your capsule choices are limited to the Nespresso barcoded capsules

Nespresso Vertuo vs Original

We’re going to go over some of the major differences between the Vertuo and the Original: brewing sizes, drink options, capsules, capsule prices, extraction method, and model options.

Brewing Sizes & Drink Options


Nespresso Vertuo line’s key difference between it and the Original is it gives you the option to brew coffee also. 

Not all of the Vertuo line brews the same amount of coffee. Depending on which model you choose, you can brew espresso(1.35oz), double espresso(2.7oz), lungo(5oz), and coffee in 5, 8, 14 or 18 ounces.


The Nespresso Original line was designed with espresso in mind. They are single-serve espresso makers that can brew either ristretto(.5oz), espresso(1.35oz), or lungo(5oz) size options. 

Although, some of the models in the Original line do come with a built in milk frother. With this built in milk frother, you’ll be able to make almost all your favorite café drinks at home. Some of the preset options the machines have include: macchiatos, lattes, and cappuccinos. 


If you like having a lot of flexibility in what you can brew, you should go with the Nespresso Original line. The convenience of being able to have just espresso or milk-espresso drinks is nice to have. 

For those of you who want to brew both coffee and espresso with the same machine, the Vertuo line is what you’re going to want to look at. 



The Vertuo is basically the opposite of what the Original has to offer in terms of capsules. When this line came out, Nespresso made barcoded capsules to be used with the Vertuo line of models. You can only use capsules that Nespresso approves of, which limits your choices. 

They also gave us the option of choosing between 3 sizes of capsules. If you wanted to, your smaller and larger brew sizes can be equal in coffee taste and strength. 


With the Original Nespresso models, you get a wider range of capsules to choose from. There are a lot of alternative brands of capsules, such as Peets, Nestle, and Starbucks that you can use with the Original line. 

The only downside is that these capsules all have the same amount of coffee in them. This means your larger espresso choices you brew will be diluted in taste. 


If you value having more options for the flavors and types of coffee you can brew choose the Nespresso Original Line. 

But if you like having stronger coffee at larger sizes, the Vertuo lets you have that option. 

Price Per Capsule 

So I went on amazon and took the average price of the capsules for both the Original and Vertuo lines. I took the 5 most expensive and cheapest 50 count capsules for both and then got the average from there. 

The result was the Original line has a cheaper average price than the Vertuo line. It turned out the Original capsules were about 20-30 cents cheaper than the Vertuo’s. Down below we have the average price of both and the cost if you were to drink 1 cup of coffee a day in a month and a year.

Nespresso Line Average Price Per CapsuleCost Per MonthCost Per Year

It might seem like a lot at first glance, but it’s a lot cheaper than going out to café or drive through for coffee. A plain coffee where I’m at is around $3 per cup. If I was to order one per day, that’d be over $1000 a year on just coffee!

Extraction Method


Now, the Vertuo line uses a centrifugal extraction method. Hot water is passed through the coffee grounds. Instead of using pressure, it spins the capsule and the espresso is spun out of the capsule. This method of brewing produces a lot of crema, which is why Nespresso went this way when designing the Vertuo line. 


The Original line uses a pressure based extraction method to get espresso. They use 19 bars of pressure to force hot water through the coffee grounds and out the bottom. This is very similar to how traditional espresso is made. The only thing that Original line lacks brewing like this is the crema that gets formed on espresso. 

Nespresso Vertuoline vs Original Taste

The Nespresso Original line definitely produces better tasting espresso than the Vertuo line. With the Vertuo line you’re getting better tasting coffee and less tasty espresso. The extraction method the Vertuo line has just isn’t suited for espresso, it’ll definitely be very watery. 

If you prefer drinking espresso or espresso based drinks, the Original does it better. But, if you like having decent tasting coffee and below average espresso, get the Vertuo line. 

Model Options 

Out of the two Nespresso lines, the Original has way more options for you to choose from. There are 8 different models for you to choose from. The prices do vary from just over $100 to $500+ with them. 

While the Vertuo line only gives you 4 options. The price for these machines float around the $200 range. 

Down below I have them sorted out into tables, so you have an easier time comparing what each of them does within each Nespresso line. 

Model Brewing Sizes Water Tank Capacity Used Capsule Capacity Auto Shutoff Timer
Vertuo NextEspresso, Double Espresso, coffee in (5, 8, 14, 18) ounces37 Ounces102 minutes
Vertuo Plus Espresso, Double Espresso, coffee in (5, 8, 14) ounces 60 ounces10 (large)9 minutes
Vertuo Evoluo Espresso, Double Espresso, Lungo Espresso, coffee in (8 or 14) ounces 54 Ounces17 (large) 9 minutes
VertuoEspresso, Double Espresso, Lungo Espresso, coffee in (8 or 14) ounces40 Ounces13 9 minutes
ModelType of Milk FrotherWater Tank CapacityUsed Capsule CapacityAuto Shutoff Timer
Essenza MiniNone 20.3 Ounces 69 minutes
PixieNone 24 Ounces139 minutes
Essenza PlusNone34 Ounces119 minutes
CitiZIntegrated Aerroccino33 Ounces99 minutes
Gran Lattissima Milk container/ frother 34 Ounces139 minutes
Lattissima ProMilk container/ frother44 Ounces139 minutes
Creatista PlusFrothing wand 50.7 Ounces 129 minutes
Creatista ProFrothing wand68 Ounces129 minutes
Each of the models have the same brewing options for espresso. You can brew either ristretto(.5oz), espresso(1.35oz), or lungo(5oz). The ones with a milk frother attachment have preset options for you to brew espresso-milk based drinks like lattes or cappuccinos.

Some of the Original and none of the Vertuo line come with a milk frother for your drinks. Nespresso has another device you can get separately, called the Aerroccino to froth your milk for your lattes, flat whites, etc.

If you search up any of the models out of the two lines, you’ll notice there are different manufacturers. The only difference between, let’s say De’Longhi or Breville, is the cosmetics of the machine. All the internal workings of the machine all work the same way. 

On a side note, depending on which manufacturer you choose can affect the cost of your machine. 

So Who Wins In Nespresso Vertuo vs Original?

In my opinion, Nespresso’s original line is the winner out of the two. You’ll have a lot more options in machines to choose from and I’m sure you’ll find one you like. The original line also has more capsule varieties to choose from, not to mention they’ll be cheaper than the Vertuo capsules. 

What the Vertuo line is trying to do is to become a 2-in-1 machine by making both espresso and coffee, but it ends up not really doing either of them great. The better option for you would be getting an Original model for espresso and a small coffee maker on the side. 

If you need help with how to clean or descaling your Nespresso machine check out our guides.

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