salt could be your favorite thing in your coffee

Salt in coffee!? That may sound weird at first, but putting salt in your coffee could be your new favorite thing to add to your cup!

A few reasons about why you should put salt in your coffee include: reducing bitterness, enhancing your coffee’s taste, and helping with acid reflux.

Still not sure about adding salt to coffee? Lets get into some of the benefits are , to help you decide if you should try it.

How Salt Improves Coffee

There are several benefits to adding salt to coffee. Before we get into them, we have to understand some things about our taste buds.

Our tongue has thousands of taste buds that identify 5 basic tastes – sweet, sour, salty, umami and bitter. These basic tastes cause our tongue to set off chemical reactions. These reactions send a signal that get transmitted to our brain. This is how we determine different tastes.

Reduce Bitterness

If you feel like your coffee is too bitter, adding some salt to it might be what you need to do to fix it. Salt has been proven to neutralize the taste of bitterness. Your tongue will send a signal to your brain for the salty flavor instead of the bitter.

Enhance Flavor and Reduce / Replace Sugar

In small amounts, salt will enhance sweet, sour, and umami flavors. Adding a small amount of salt to our coffee can enhance the flavors that are already in coffee.

As said before, salt helps to suppress the bitter taste in coffee. Since your coffee won’t be as bitter, you might not have to add as much or any sugar into your coffee. If you’re someone who has to watch your sugar intake or who wants to cut down on sugar, this is a good reason to add salt to your coffee.

Acid Reflux

For a lot of coffee drinkers, acid reflux is a real problem. Acid reflux is a side effect of consuming too much caffeine. An easy fix is choosing an Arabica coffee bean as they tend to have less caffeine in them compared to Robusta.

Others try to choose a darker roast. Darker roasted coffee is the least acidic of all the roasts. Adding salt to a dark roast coffee would help to reduce the acidity in it. Which means you’re less likely to cause acid reflux to happen.

Here’s a video showing the reactions of different people trying out salt in their coffee:

How Healthy Is It To Add Salt To Your Coffee

For the most part, there aren’t too many health downsides when adding salt to coffee. Most of the downsides are the same as consuming too much salt.

Alton Brown, tv personality, food expert, and author is the most known for adding salt to coffee. His salt trick is adding a ¼ teaspoon for every 6 tablespoons of coffee.

The daily amount of salt an adult should have is about 2300mg. A quarter teaspoon of salt is about half of that daily amount. If you exercise regularly, you will lose more sodium than what you’re intaking. This won’t be something you’ll have to really worry about. If you don’t then, just keep in the back of your mind that you are consuming half your daily amount of salt. 

Should You Add Salt To Your Coffee?

Adding salt is definitely an easy solution to most coffee problems. Although I would recommend only adding salt to coffee in certain situations. Such as: you’re stuck with a bag of crappy coffee and don’t want to throw it away or if you order somewhere and the coffee tastes bad.

If your main reason for adding salt to your coffee is that it’s too bitter, there are other ways you can fix it. A change in the grind of your coffee, the temperature of your water, or how long you’re brewing your coffee can all fix your coffee.

How Should You Add Salt to Coffee

There are two main methods to adding salt to your coffee: before or after it’s done brewing.

Before Brewing

For this method, you’re going to want to add a ¼ teaspoon of salt for every 6 tablespoons of coffee. You can add this right onto your grounds and you’re ready to brew.

If you do choose to use this method, I would put less than what you think you’ll need. Sometimes I add a little too when putting salt into my coffee grounds. It’ll leave you with a whole pot of salty coffee if you’re not careful. You can try the after brewing method if you want to avoid this problem all together!

After Brewing

Adding salt to your coffee after brewing gives you more control over how much salt you want to add. It’s definitely the safer way to incorporate some salt in your brew.

You definitely want to want to do this is very small amounts and taste after each time you do. Just a quick reminder, stir your salt so that it dissolves and is distributed evenly in your coffee! You don’t want to be stuck with salty coffee at the end.

I do prefer this method, because you can always add more salt in if it’s still bitter. If you mess up and add a little too much salt, you can always add more coffee into the cup to dilute it. It’ll be much harder to fix an entire pot of coffee.

Take Away

There are way more upsides than there are downsides to adding salt to your coffee. It cuts bitterness and can reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming. It will enhance the great flavors that are already present in coffee. You should only add salt into your coffee if you’re put in a situation where it’s the only way to solve your coffee problem! Try it out and tell us about it.

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