A Simple Guide On What Nespresso Machine To Buy

I know when I look at a new appliance, whether it be a new TV or in our instance, a Nespresso machine, there are TONS of things and features to consider. Luckily for you, I’ve put together the most important ones you should look at before picking the perfect Nespresso machine for you!

  1. Cost 
    1. The most important consideration in my opinion is cost. All of our budgets are different, so I’ll organize the list of Nespresso machines by cost and value. Prices for Nespresso machines can vary from around $150 to $900.
  2. Capacity 
    1. Most Nespresso machines hold enough water for only one serving. If you’re like me and don’t want to have to refill the water container often, you might want to choose a machine with a larger water container. 
  3. How easy is it to clean?  
    1. Like all kitchen appliances, even your Nespresso machine will need cleaning. This is especially important if you want it to work just as good as when you first got it. Nespresso machines are fairly easy to clean, but some need more detailed cleaning, like those with milk frothers/steamers. 
  4. Types of Drinks  
    1. Another factor you should consider is what types of coffee you want to brew. Are you someone who prefers drinking coffee/espresso by itself or do you like having the option to also make milk based coffee drinks?
    2. Don’t worry though, if you choose a Nespresso machine that only makes coffee/espresso and you decide you want to make milk based coffee drinks, you won’t need to buy a whole new Nespresso machine. Nespresso made an accessory called an Aerroccino that you can get later on to steam milk for you. 
  5. Size of the coffee machine 
    1. A slightly overlooked factor is the size of the machine you’re going to get. For the most part, Nespresso machines are fairly small and don’t take up too much countertop space. Those priced at the higher end are a bit larger, about the size of a traditional coffee maker.
    2. Just make sure to look at the dimensions of the machine and where you might want to put it in your home. 

What Brand of Nespresso Should You Buy?

You’re probably thinking, “Aren’t all Nespresso machines made by Nespresso?” I thought so too, until I started really looking at them and found out that different manufacturers actually make the machines themselves. The companies can have their own version of the same model of Nespresso coffee maker. 

Nespresso owns the technology of the capsule and the inner workings of the Nespresso machines, but they are made by other companies like: Breville, Krups, DeLonghi and a few others.

So What’s The Difference Between Them?

There is no difference on how the coffee is brewed! All the versions use the same Nespresso technology to brew your coffee. The biggest difference is in the design, price, and manufacturing material. 

My Picks For Nespresso Machines 

I’ve divided the list of the Nespresso machines into three categories: Under $200, under $300, and over $500 to make it easier to find which Nespresso machine you might like and will fit your budget.

Under $200

Used Capsules10
Brew Sizes5oz, 8oz, 14oz, single & double shot of espresso
Water Tank Size40 ounces

The Vertuo Plus has a variety of brewing options for your morning cup of coffee and is paired with a fairly large water tank at 40 ounces. The water tank can be moved to either side of the machine, which makes it easy to fit into different spaces. Most water tanks are stationary on other Nespresso coffee makers.

This Nespresso might be the machine you’re looking for if you want something that’s more affordable, has multiple drink choices, and you won’t need to refill often.

Used Capsules9-11
Brew SizesSingle or Double Espresso
Water Tank Size24 Ounces

The Nespresso Pixie is smaller of the two in the under $200 Nespresso machine section. This compact Nespresso can brew either single or double shots of espresso. The water tank is pretty small at only 24 ounces, but shouldn’t be a turn off, if you’re only brewing coffee once or twice a day.

There is a draw back to it being smaller in size, it won’t fit a travel mug underneath it. You can always tilt your travel mug and hold it there while it brews, but sometimes that can feel like a hassle in the morning.

This is perfect if you only need a Nespresso machine to brew espresso.

Under $300

Used Capsules17
Brew SizesEspresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, and 8 ounce coffee
Water Tank Size54 Ounces

First on the list for Nespresso machines under $300, we have the Vertuo Evoluo. Comparing the Evoluo to the Plus from the $200 section, you’ll only notice a few differences between them.

The Evoluo has twice the used capsules container size at 17. The brew sizes are pretty similar between the two machines, the only difference is that the Evoluo can’t brew a 14 ounce coffee. Lastly, the water tank size is slightly larger on the Evoluo than the Plus by 14 ounces.

Used Capsules9
Brew SizesEspresso, Lungo (3.7 ounces)
Water Tank Size33.8 Ounces

The CitiZ is similar to the Pixie in what it’s capable of. One of the differences between them is that instead of brewing a double espresso, the CitiZ brews a lungo, which is almost the same size as a double espresso.

What you do get with this a slightly larger used capsules container and a larger water tank on the machine. The CitiZ has enough space under the brewing spout for you to fit larger cups and the Nespresso travel mug.

If you’re looking for something that’ll fit larger cups and only brews the minimal espresso and lungo, then the CitiZ is a really great option.


Used Capsules34
Brew Sizesristretto, espresso, lungo, cappuccino, latte, flat white, late macchiato, café latte, hot milk, hot foam
Water Tank Size34 Ounces
Milk Container Size16.9 Ounces

Getting in to the higher end Nespresso machines, we’re starting with the Gran Lattissima. This comes with a variety of drinks to choose from, 9 to be exact. If you’re someone looking to make lattes, cappuccinos, and other milk based drinks this is a very good option.

One thing you should be aware about this machine is, that it can be difficult to clean the milk frother and the milk frother should be cleaned after every use, so there’s no build up of old milk. You’ll also need to store the milk container in the fridge if there’s any left over unless you want to dump it out.

The benefit of this machine is that it makes making those milk based coffee drinks really easy, since it has preset recipes for you to use.


Used Capsules9-11
Brew SizesRistretto, espresso, lungo, flat white, café latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato
Water Tank Size50.7 Ounces

Lastly, we have the Creatista Plus. It’s very similar to the Gran Lattissima, but offers you a lot more control over the milk drinks that you make. The Creatista Plus has a traditional milk steamer instead of an automatic one. This lets you have control over the temperature of the milk and the amount of foam you make.

The Creatista Plus does have a very small used capsule container for being on the expensive side for a Nespresso machine. If you’re not to concerned about having to empty this out once a week and like having more control over your coffee making experience, I would go for this over the Gran Lattissima.

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