which nespresso pods have the most caffeine?

After looking all over the internet on the Nespresso website, forums, reviews, comments etc… I found out, it’s actually kind of hard to find the amount of caffeine in Nespresso pods.

Nespresso doesn’t do a great job of listing this information all in one place for us. Down below there are tables for both the OriginalLine and VertuoLine pods that show: caffeine, intensity, acidity, bitterness, roast, and brew size.

The Sizes of Nespresso Pods & Table Guide

  • Ristretto – 24.8ml/0.84oz
  • Espresso – 40ml/1.35oz
  • Double Espresso – 80ml/2.7oz
  • Lungo – 109.4ml/3.7oz
  • Gran Lungo – 150ml/5.07oz
  • Mug Size – 230ml/7.77oz
  • Alto – 414ml/14oz
  • Pour Over – 532ml/18oz

Down below you’ll see R/E under the size column, that stands for Ristretto or Espresso.

Nespresso OriginalLine Pods

This table down below is up to date with all the pods currently listed on Nespresso. All the information on this table I had to get from the Nespresso Taiwan website. Most Nespresso websites do not list the caffeine content for any of their pods.

I’ll link it here if you wanted to check it out for yourself: https://www.nespresso.com/tw/en/

Pod NameCaffeineIntensityAcidityBitternessRoastSize
Ispirazione Palermo Kazaar120mg12155R/E
Ispirazione Napoli 110mg13155R/E
Cape Town Envivo 110mg10145Lungo
Buenos Aires104mg4211Lungo
Shenghai 82mg5212Lungo
Stockholm Fortissio80mg8234Lungo
Tokyo Vivalto77mg6123Lungo
Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano75mg10344R/E
Ispirazione Roma 73mg8443R/E
Scuro 73mg7332Ristretto
Volluto 72mg5322R/E
Vienna Linzio 72mg6133Lungo
Indonesia 72mg8234R/E
Capriccio 70mg5332Espresso
Vanilla Éclair 68mg6112Espresso
Ispirazione Genova Livanto64mg6333Espresso
Columbia 64mg6433R/E
Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio63mg9244Espresso
Cocoa Truffle62mg6112R/E
Caramel Crème Brulee62mg6112R/E
Cosi 59mg4322Espresso
Chiaro 49mg6511Ristretto

Nespresso VertuoLine Pods

The VertuoLine was even more difficult to find information on, as the caffeine content isn’t listed on any official Nespresso websites from any country that I looked at. Most of this I found from direct replies from the company to customers, reddit threads, and smaller compilations made from other people.

Some of the boxes are missing information. I would appreciate it if you could comment down below, if you know any missing or wrongly written information!

You’ll also notice that some of them have a * next to the caffeine. These are my estimations on caffeine amount. I used several factors to consider how much caffeine these have, but the main two were: average mg of caffeine per shot and the types of coffee used in the pod.

The average espresso shot has around 63 – 65mg.

Coffee is usually either Arabica or Robusta. Arabica is known to taste better than Robusta, while Robusta having more caffeine than Arabica.

With those two things taken in to account, is how I placed those with a * next to them.

Pod NameCaffeineIntensityAcidityBitternessRoastSize
Pour-Over Style200mg 13318 ounce
Fortado200mg8144Gran Lungo
Intenso XL190mg7133Alto
Dolce XL190mg4112Alto
Hazelino Muffin170-200mg6112Mug Size
Caramel Cookie170-200mg6112Mug Size
Vanilla Custard Pie170-200mg6112Mug Size
Chocolate Fudge170-200mg6Mug Size
Intenso165mg9145Mug Size
Stormio165mg8144Mug Size
Odacio165mg7244Mug Size
Melozio165mg6123Mug Size
Elvazio165mg4411Mug Size
Giornio165mg4212Mug Size
Solelio165mg2311Mug Size
Mexico 165mg*7134Mug Size
Costa Rica165mg*7023Gran Lungo
Double Espresso Scuro150mg*8133Double Espresso
Double Espresso Chiaro150mg*6133Double Espresso
Bianco Leggero150*mg311Double Espresso
Ice Leggero150*mg3 11Double Espresso
Arondio 135mg6343Gran Lungo
Colombia 130mg*5511Mug Size
Ethiopia 120mg*4312Gran Lungo
Bianco Forte120*mg245Mug Size
Ice Forte120*mg245Mug Size
Half Caffeinato 70 mg5112Mug Size
Decaffeinato2mg or less6122Mug Size


Nespresso decided to use this term “intensity” to characterize the pods. The Nespresso website says, there are 3 characteristics that define intensity: roast, body, and bitterness. My interpretation of this, based on the tables below, is that intensity is how strongly bitter the coffee is in flavor.

Although intensity doesn’t directly relate to caffeine, I think caffeine does play a part. Caffeine itself is naturally bitter, which does add to the bitterness characteristic of the pods.

The darker the roast of the coffee usually means that it’s going to be more bitter in flavor also.

So if you take caffeine, the roast, and the size you are brewing for coffee, it gives you the intensity of the coffee.

Here’s an example of how I think it works:

Pod NameCaffeineIntensityAcidityBitternessRoastSize
Palermo Kazaar120mg12155R/E

As you can see Palermo Kazaar has a higher intensity than the Fortado although it has less caffeine. It does have a darker roast, which means it’ll be more bitter than the medium-dark roast the Fortado has. But it’s also brewed in a smaller size at .84oz or 1.35oz, while Fortado is much larger at 5.07oz.

The bitter flavor is overall more concentrated in the Palermo, which leads to it having a higher “intensity.”

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